Miss Pavithra Reddy hails from Andhra Pradesh state. Her father Shri. Anil Reddy is an avid sports enthusiast. He has encouraged young Pavithra to take Tennis sports. Since childhood, she had played at various levels and brought a lot of laurels.

Because of the economic condition of the family, she could not fulfill her dream of getting better training and availing of training facilities. That’s when her father came in contact with Dr. NRN Reddy, Founder & Managing Trustee, Sri Srinivasa Charitable Trust. Through Sri Srinivasa Charitable Trust and his business group – Jaagruthi Group, he infused her dreams with continuous financial support.

Today, she is standing at 17th Rank in the All India Tennis Association (AITA) Rankings.

So far, she has won singles and doubles in the Under-16, and the Under 18 categories in different Tennis Tournaments across India.

Some of her great Achievements:

  • Selected for Andhra Pradesh Government‘s program for Tennis (Under-16) outperforming hundreds of aspirants for the two slots available for the duration of 2018-2019 under the guidance of Mr. Zeeshan Ali, former David Cup player, and a national champion.
  • Got career-best 17th Rank in the Under -18 category as of 18-01-2021..
  • Andhra Pradesh‘s 1st Ranker as of 18-01-2021 in the Under-18 Category.