Sai Krupa Old Age Home
Home for the Aged to gives Warmth and Solace to Elderly

Sri Srinivasa Charitable Trust has established ‘Sai Krupa’, a home for the aged in 2003 at Kummarapalle Village in Chittoor District of Andhra Pradesh. The Home is spread across 6 acres of land and is equipped with all the facilities such as:

  • Separate Dormitories
  • Kitchen
  • Dining Hall
  • Prayer Hall
  • Clean and Hygienic Bathrooms
  • Solar Water Heaters

Total Support
The trust takes care of Food, Shelter, Clothing and Medical needs of all the beneficiaries for free of cost. At the Home, we look after aged people with greater care and ensure that the elderly people spend rest of their lives happily in a homelike environment.

Second Childhood
We believe that “Old Age is like Second Childhood”, hence we take total care to ensure comfortable stay for elderly people coupled with care, compassion and love.

Serene Surroundings
The Trust has established an Old Age Home “Sai Krupa” in a serene atmosphere at Kummarapalle, Thimmapuram post, K V Palle (Mandal), Chittoor District to cater to the welfare of destitute old people suffering in rural areas.
A separate land is allocated within the Home for gardening wherein the beneficiaries cultivate vegetables to take care of their requirements.

Spread of Spiritualism
We emphasize on spreading spiritualism among these elderly people by teaching them Yoga and Meditation. Every Thursday, a local talent of Bhajan Group visits the home and all participate in Devotional Bhajans immensely contributing to the spiritual participation and progress of local villagers.

The activities of the Trust have brought in new kind of awareness among local population on twin aspects of caring the Elderly and also contributing to the feeling of oneness among all. Today, even not-so-well-to-do people also contribute their own way to the maintenance of Old Age Home by donating rice, vegetables etc. during their harvests and also feed the elderly on festive occasions.

Medical Support
The medical needs are taken care by a team of volunteers lead by a local doctor who visit our Old Age Home on regular basis. Most of the elderly people require medication to regulate blood pressure and diabetes. Today, all the beneficiaries are in hale and healthy condition and staying comfortably in the Old Age Home.

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