There are lakhs of orphan children all over India. These children that have lost everything in life like:

Lack of mother care

Lack of father support

Love, care and security that comes with a family

These orphans live on the streets by begging or stealing in order to have something to sustain. Invariably, these orphans are being abused, neglected and forgotten.

Struggle for Existence
Orphans live in a pathetic condition with constant fight for survival. Most of them are malnourished, long for love, look for protection of elders and desire for sense of recognition in society.

Our Support
We intend to provide the following support programs for such orphans:

Identification – We want to depute exclusive teams of social workers and volunteers to indentify orphans, their places of stay, activities and their lifestyles to plan appropriate support for them.

Counselling – Our social workers and volunteers interact with such orphans and try to understand their problems, issues and concerns. They also get the information on why they lost their family and family contacts. Often, we come across some orphans who have come out of home on some petty issues. We counsel such children and help them to repatriate with their families back, because we firmly believe that “No one can replace the family”.

Exclusive Orphanages – We intend to develop orphanages at different places across Andhra Pradesh. These orphanages can help orphan boys, girls and elders for their total wellbeing.

Education and Vocational Training – We aim to provide support for some of students who are willing to go back to school for formal education. In case of adult youth, we encourage them to join in skill development programs like:

~ Screen Printing
~ DTP Training
~ Carpentry
~ Plumping
~ Electric Wiring
~ Motor Mechanism

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