Sanjeevani Women Health Initiative
According to a study, the majority of women in rural areas are affected by the health issues such as Fibroid, White Discharge, Irregular Bleeding, Cysts, and Infection. All these issues affect the Uterus, alter the daily bodily functions and cause pain and discomfort. There is also a possibility of these problems transforming into a life-threatening Cervical Cancer.

To help these women to face such health threats, we have conceptualized and launched an exclusive healthcare initiative entitled “Sanjeevini Women Healthcare” to focus on the early detection of Cervical Cancer by conducting the Pap Smear tests (PST), which are the most significant indicator. This early detection in such a vulnerable population will enable them to prevent further complications.

Healthcare at the Doorsteps

  • Mobile Van Campaign – Using the mobile van, we reach the selected Village Panchayats and promote the program among targeted women.
  • Awareness Program – Before conducting this program, we organize awareness programs in these areas using audiovisual presentations/films. During such programs, we inform them about the program venue. Thus, we ensure more women utilize such facilities and support.
  • Venue Arrangements – We make arrangements at the venue (it may be a Local PHC or any other centrally located place).
  • Tests – On the day of the program, our team of doctors and supporting staff help women undergo the test and get advice from specialized doctors for further medication.

FOUR major aspects covered through this program are :

  • Awareness – Through this program, we aim to bring awareness among the women in rural areas and sensitize them to related problems.
  • Detection – During the medical camp, we conduct Pap Smear Test to detect the severity of precancerous cells.
  • Preventive Healthcare – As “Prevention is better than Cure”, we educate them on preventive healthcare to prevent the growth of such precancerous cells and avoid Cervical Cancer.
  • Free Medical Support – We provide all related medical support such as surgeries and further medical care.