Sri Srinivasa Charitable Trust appeals to all Individuals, Societies, Organizations, and Corporate Organisations to contribute liberally to the cause of the poor. The Trust assures to spend every rupee donated to the welfare of the downtrodden. The donations to the Trust are exempt from Income Tax under section 80 G of the Income Tax Act. We appeal to you to help us in any of the following ways based on your convenience and comfort. You can help us in terms of your precious hope, time, and service.

There are billions of issues, but limited solutions. Today, the majority are leading Self-Centered Life.

  • You may project all your problems as that of others for Seeking Sympathy
  • You may treat the problems of others as that yours to Showing Compassion

Without the support of kind-hearted individuals, organizations, and corporate companies, any charitable organization would not be able to extend its efforts to all those who are in need. Sri Srinivasa Charitable Trust feels it is forever thankful to all generous individuals and corporate for their continuous support in cash and kindness.

Individual / Organizational Donors

Volunteers / Trainees

Likeminded NGOs

Company CSR Practices

You can donate in either cash or kind. Your contributions will go a long way in extending the Trust’s efforts to support the needy and helpless people. You can donate liberally any amount as per your wish.  You can come and work with the Trust as a volunteer during your free time. Join and help the Trust in promoting various initiatives, organizing medical camps, and raising funds for programs and projects. Do you want to partner with the Trust to spread some of its successful interventions and programs at your place? Join hands now. Trust can train and provide support for the effective management of such programs. As part of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), do you want to take part in social development activities? Make the Sri Srinivasa Trust your CSR Partner to execute programs and initiatives in your areas.

What you get in return? 

What you get in return? 

What you get in return? 

What you get in return?

  • Recognition Letters
  • Self-esteem
  • Sense of Social Participation
  • 80 (G) Tax exemption
  • Recognition Letters
  • Real-time Project work for BSW, MSW, and Environmental Science students
  • Priceless satisfaction
  • Continuous Training 
  • Co-branded promotion
  • Partial funding
  • Support for coordination
  • Fulfill CSR obligation
  • 80 (G) Tax exemption
  • Cobranded promotion & PR
  • Continuous project updates

The Trust is open to working with other like-minded NGOs, and individual and corporate donors to spread some of the successful initiatives to other areas.

CSR in Indian Companies Bill
The new Companies Bill, passed by Parliament, prescribes the following CSR rules for companies:

What are the criteria for companies?
Companies with a net worth of Rs. 500 crores or more / turnover of Rs. 1000 crores or more / net profit of Rs. 5 crores or more during any financial year.

How much to spend on CSR?
At least 2% of its average net profit in the last three 3 years

Where to spend?
NINE broad areas, which encompasses much that results in social good. Companies have to disclose how much they spend and wherein regular manner.

How to spend?
By constituting a CSR committee with three Directors from the Board (at least one Independent Director) and formulate a CSR Policy, recommend a budget and monitor it.

Sri Srinivasa Charitable Trust is looking forward to working with such Corporate Companies and organizations who wish to contribute to social development. The Trust can work as a CSR Partner of those companies. The Trust has approval for Tax Exemption under 80(G).