Today, at Sai Krupa Old Age Home – Kannamma leads her Life in Solace

Kannamma who hailed from Tamilnadu. Disowned by family due to her medical and health conditions, she lead her life in various places in Tamilnadu working in hotels and doing household chores as maid. Because of her old age she suffered a lot and somehow reached neighboring Chittoor district. She was located on Chittoor streets by a good Samaritan who has brought her and joined her in Sai Krupa Old Age Home.
Today, at Old Age Home she is leading peaceful life that include love, respect, spirituality, support and care. She strongly believes that God has shown her life a secured place in the form Sai Krupa Old Age Home. Like Kannamma, there more than 20 old age people are currently living under the care of Old Age Home.